By:  I Forum. See Source. "That Girl Started Her Own Country" promises to tear a wide path across  the limits of your imagination and sweep you into its furious,  page-turning action as you struggle to keep pace with the principle  character: Ritual serial-killer come jet-setting playgirl, Zaydee. The  hearts of her many sexual conquests -- both male and female -- lying  broken and dying by the dozens in her wake...

With a seemingly  endless supply of cash, high-tech and super-hacker minions, Zaydee is on a mission to crush the powerful,
international, secret society that now threatens the life of her one, true love: Journalist Steven Larson --  whose probing investigations have led him just a little too close to the truth for his own good...

That's okay... Zaydee's got his back  (and that's sayin' sumpthin'!) Little by little, she'll allow him to  discover a new clue here and there while she plays like a cat with a  mouse on a string...

Then she'll pull out all the stops to prove  to the members of this nefarious, "Illuminati-like" association that  they are no match
for the sheer hurricane-force of her will.

In  so doing, Zaydee will not only change the outcome of their evil plans,  she will mold the world to her liking and go on to found her own country -- a country where women (make that ONE "woman") rule!

And, as  we all might be able to guess, the woman destined to rule the new  country (in a pair of iron stiletto heels) can be none other than the  unstoppable, fearless and devastating "Typhoon Zaydee".


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