Today, That Girl Started Her Own Country" reached Amazon's #1 spot in the Kindle store, under Kindle eBooks - Fiction - Action & Adventure. Over 5,000 people downloaded the thriller. W-O-W. People all over the world were downloading the book. Here's a screen shot... Check it out on Yahoo News!
8/1/2013 05:11:26 pm

Thanks for this interesting information. I think to reach top on Amazon review is a very great thing and I think ‘that girl started her own country deserved it. I hope it will reach more heights and achieve more great positions. Please do come up with such articles often

10/17/2013 06:19:50 pm

Today, That Damsel Started Her Admit Territory" reached Amazon's #1 flaw in the Stir amass, below Move eBooks - Pretense - Behavior & Undertaking. Too 5,000 persons downloaded the thriller. W-O-W. Persons total beyond the creation were downloading the tablet. Here's a sieve guess..

9/5/2013 08:25:27 pm

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