Yes, you heard it right. Today, That Girl Started Her Own Country (TGSHOC) reached its 100th Amazon review and it was a 5-Star review. Not mention, it has also gain 59 reviews on Goodreads so far and is in the Top 100 Crime books! Anyway, In case you missed the 100th Amazon review, here it is:
October 8, 2012 - 100th Review - Pure Delight, by: Sporty Neha
After reading the mesmerizing That Girl Started Her Own Country which I finished in just one day, I was desperate to find other work's by the same author. And then I laid my eyes on this book -`That girl started her own country'. The moment I saw it I purchased it on my Kindle and what a treat it turned out to be! It didn't let down my high expectations for once.

Zaydee, the protagonist emerged out to be a heart winner in not just the book, but beyond that. She is enigmatic, powerful and charming. She is not like the mundane female protagonists who are virtuous but boring. Zaydee has a spark, which comes from her alter ego. She is neither entirely positive, nor is she entirely negative, - she is a mirror of today's woman, love struck and appealing in some mysterious sense.

The book is engaging and rich in content. It is luring for all the age groups. Fraudulent activities, loyalty vs deception and volatile situations make this novel a game for all. The unexpected hitches and deceitful twists made me turn page after page until I finished and the clock showed me it was only a few hours since I had begun it.

That Girl reminded me of the wonderful time I had reading the likes of Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Effortless reading, I would say. It brought me back to the glorious fictional world which one seeks on a holiday to forget the mundane realities for once. I look forward to other books from this author.
2/5/2013 04:58:49 pm

I have read about it on internet but Its already in top 100 crime books in news to me.

10/11/2013 04:06:11 pm

She is detrimental counterpart the secular womanish leaders who are virtuous however tiresome. Zaydee has a scintilla, which befalls from her metamorphose psyche. She is neither totally sure, nor is she totally negative, - she is a model of today's lady, cherish struck further glorious in several mysterious awareness.

10/1/2013 09:26:39 pm

If so many people thought so positively about it, then that's cause for me to give it a try.


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