By:  I Forum. See Source. "That Girl Started Her Own Country" promises to tear a wide path across  the limits of your imagination and sweep you into its furious,  page-turning action as you struggle to keep pace with the principle  character: Ritual serial-killer come jet-setting playgirl, Zaydee. The  hearts of her many sexual conquests -- both male and female -- lying  broken and dying by the dozens in her wake...

With a seemingly  endless supply of cash, high-tech and super-hacker minions, Zaydee is on a mission to crush the powerful,
international, secret society that now threatens the life of her one, true love: Journalist Steven Larson --  whose probing investigations have led him just a little too close to the truth for his own good...

That's okay... Zaydee's got his back  (and that's sayin' sumpthin'!) Little by little, she'll allow him to  discover a new clue here and there while she plays like a cat with a  mouse on a string...

Then she'll pull out all the stops to prove  to the members of this nefarious, "Illuminati-like" association that  they are no match
for the sheer hurricane-force of her will.

In  so doing, Zaydee will not only change the outcome of their evil plans,  she will mold the world to her liking and go on to found her own country -- a country where women (make that ONE "woman") rule!

And, as  we all might be able to guess, the woman destined to rule the new  country (in a pair of iron stiletto heels) can be none other than the  unstoppable, fearless and devastating "Typhoon Zaydee".
By: Book Lover. See Source. `That Girl Started Her Own Country' draws you in fro the very first page. The author who goes by Holy Ghost Writer has interwoven the Swedish classic `Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' into the book and it is thrilling and exciting and brilliantly written. I literally could not stop reading this book. I was so intrigued to know more about Zaydee: who she was, what was her story, what exactly had taken her to this place? If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers, you should definitely read this book. It will keep you entertained and it is a very enjoyable read. Also as an FYI, the author asked me to read and review this book. This is my honest review of `That Girl Started Her Own Country'.
By: Harper Lavelle. See Source. My preferred heroine is not someone who just wait for her prince charming to come and rescue her. She should be brave, intelligent and knows how to get what she wants... And Zaydee was all that and more. Aside from the fact that the main character was very ideal for me, I love the way the author put the story together. It was fast-paced, no dull moments and it was written beautifully that it's so vivid you would feel you're just like watching a movie. Will surely look forward for more books from this author!
By: S. Murphy. See Source. I must say that I really enjoyed reading "The Girl Who Started Her Own Country", what a great tittle for a book! It is one of those books that once you get into the flow of it, you will not want to stop reading and I think that I may have never read a book as fast as I did with this one. The storyline is fantastic and  it kept me griped from the start all throughout the whole book. I truly got lost  in this book which is a thing that rarely happens to me. My only wish is that  this book was longer as I didn't want it do end. It is a great book which captured my imagination with an awesome adventure storyline and plot.
By: Epic Reviews. See Source. That Girl That started Her Own Country, was brilliant!!! I just couldn't stop reading it, I couldn't put it down, I couldn't stop talking about it, and I feel  like it has greatly influenced me. This is one book that I can say I truly loved. I actually plan to reread it. I can honestly say it is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. It had me hooked right from the beginning. I loved everything about it, the writing style, the characters, I'm totally a big fan! I can't wait to see what this author has coming out next.